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The BASIC SERVICE PACKAGE is used by labs who require an As Found and As Left Pass/Fail Status, with minimal samples recorded on Data sheet.

BASIC Package includes:

  • All services performed by an ISO 17025 Competent, Experienced Service Technician.
  • Complete preventive maintenance on each pipette, including changing seals or applying grease (depending upon the pipette manufacturer).
  • Computer Generated BASIC Documentation – 25 Pipettes per page
  • Pass / Fail per ISO 8655 Specifications based on 4 Sample Readings of Pipette at 10% and 100% of Maximum Volume.
  • Final Pass Certification Sticker-Pipette will be labeled with a sticker to include Florida Pipette name and phone number, Service Date, and Next Service Due Date or for a Failed pipette, a Red-Remove From Service sticker.
  • Technical Service Guarantee – If a pipette we serviced stops working within 3 months of service, we will service it for free. (Pipette cannot have been misused or dropped).
  • Complete Customer Care – We keep you in Compliance…. Florida Pipette will contact you a month prior to your Due Date to remind you your Service is due.

The BASIC Documentation includes:

  • Company and Customer name, Invoice number, Service Date, Next Service Due Date, Technician’s name and the Technicians ISO 17025, NIST Traceable Equipment used to perform the service.
  • Pipettes details include the Serial Number or ID, Manufacturer, Max Volume, Pass or Fail and any Comments or Parts Replaced are noted.
  • As Left-4 Sample Volume Values recorded at 100% Maximum Pipette Volume.
  • As Found Pass/Fail Status per ISO 8655 Specifications.
  • Computer Generated Report, emailed to Customer and stored for minimum of 5 years in Florida Pipette Calibrations Data Base.
EMAIL us and request a sample of the Basic Documentation.

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Field Report

A FIELD REPORT PACKAGE is most often used by teaching labs and research done at the University Level.This is our most economical package, As Left Pass/Fail Status provided.

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Basic Package

The BASIC SERVICE PACKAGE is used by labs who require an As Found and As Left Pass/Fail Status, with minimal samples recorded on Data sheet.

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Premium Package

The PREMIUM SERVICE PACKAGE is used by labs who require As Found and As Left Pass/Fail Status, with 4 recorded Volume Values at 100% and 10% of Pipettes maximum Volume for both As Found and As Left. Pass/Fail auto calculated based on Accuracy and Precision limits defined in ISO 8655.

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Platinum Package

PLATINUM SERVICE PACKAGE is most often used by GLP regulated labs and those who require each pipette to have an individual certificate that displays the As Found and As Left calculations of Accuracy and Precision based on ISO 8655 specifications.

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ISO Package

Each pipette receives an individual ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) Accredited certificate that calculates Accuracy, Precision and Uncertainties, determined by the Environmental Factors in the lab with a Pass/Fail based on Specifications according

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