We truly care about the quality of work we do and about you the customer.

    ISO 17025 Accredited
  • Florida Certified Woman Owned Small Business
    Florida Certified Woman Owned Small Business

An ISO 17025 Accredited Company…….

With 40+ years of combined experience, Florida Pipette Calibrations has built a reputation for our customer service, technical ability, professionalism and reliability.

We are recognized as the top company for Pipette Calibrations & Repairs in Florida. YES, we are ISO 17025 Accredited, certified, and trained to service your pipettes……but it’s the experience you have with every FPC Team member you come in contact with that will make what could be a chore, easy and enjoyable. We enjoy our jobs, we enjoy our customers, we like to go to work every day, we take pride in what we do, we are not pushy and we are not going to run your bill up by charging you for unnecessary parts. We want to be the one to make your job easier… we believe it is OUR job to keep you in compliance by providing you with the necessary Data reports and Documentation, calling you before your next service due and assisting you in any way we can to alleviate your Calibrations stress, so you can focus on your research!

Our belief is simple….. We will take care of you and you will continue to choose us….so, we do the Right thing, we give you our best, we take care of you, our Customer, and we enjoy doing it!!!

We perform On Site and Mail In service throughout the state of Florida…. And we have expanded into the South East, Caribbean Islands and Internationally (Haiti, Guatemala).

We Have a Broad Customer Base: Universities, US Institutions, Private Companies, Hospitals, Crime Labs, Blood Banks and Forensic Laboratories.

We Service ALL Brands of Pipettes: Gilson, Rainin, Eppendorf, Finn, Labsystems, Oxford, Biohit, Hamilton, MLA, Matrix, Titertek, Brinkman, Mettler, VWR, Denville, Wheaton, Multi-Channels, Repeaters.

We now offer Thermometer, Hygrometer and Timer validation!!

Florida Pipette Calibrations : Our Areas of Expertise

ISO 17025 Accredited: “Elite” Accreditation, Certified Competent. Only a handful of companies throughout the US able to provide On-Site ISO 17025 Accredited Pipette Calibrations.

Customer Service: We take care of you like family. You relax and we take care of ALL your pipette calibration stress.

Technical Ability: We service ALL brands of pipettes providing preventative maintenance and repairs. Gilson, Rainin, Eppendorf, Finn, Labsystems, Oxford, Biohit, Hamilton, MLA, Matrix, Titertek, Brinkman, Mettler, VWR, Denville, Wheaton, Multi-Channels, Repeaters.

Service Packages: Choose the Package, Documentation and price that is right for your lab.
All reports are NIST traceable and calibrated with ISO Accredited and NIST Traceable Mettler Balances.

Why chose us?

  • 40+ Years Combined Experience In Pipette Calibrations
  • ISO 17025 Accredited
  • Calibrations & Repairs on ALL Pipette Brands
  • Outstanding Customer Care
  • NIST Traceable ISO Accredited Mettler Balances used
  • Service Package Options to fit all your needs
  • Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy
  • BIG Values…. Integrity, Honesty, Do the Right thing for the Customer

What do our clients say?

  • We use Florida Pipette Calibration for all of our pipette calibration needs!

    Beverly Scripps Florida
  • We are very pleased with the service we recieve from Florida Pipette Calibrations.

    Kathy Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville FL
Field Report

A FIELD REPORT PACKAGE is most often used by teaching labs and research done at the University Level.This is our most economical package, As Left Pass/Fail Status provided.

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Basic Package

The BASIC SERVICE PACKAGE is used by labs who require an As Found and As Left Pass/Fail Status, with minimal samples recorded on Data sheet.

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Premium Package

The PREMIUM SERVICE PACKAGE is used by labs who require As Found and As Left Pass/Fail Status, with 4 recorded Volume Values at 100% and 10% of Pipettes maximum Volume for both As Found and As Left. Pass/Fail auto calculated based on Accuracy and Precision limits defined in ISO 8655.

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Platinum Package

PLATINUM SERVICE PACKAGE is most often used by GLP regulated labs and those who require each pipette to have an individual certificate that displays the As Found and As Left calculations of Accuracy and Precision based on ISO 8655 specifications.

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ISO Package

Each pipette receives an individual ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) Accredited certificate that calculates Accuracy, Precision and Uncertainties, determined by the Environmental Factors in the lab with a Pass/Fail based on Specifications according

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